Wireless Dog Fence Collar

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A wireless dog fence collar is an essential component of a wireless dog fence system that provides a safe and effective way of keeping your pet within the boundaries of your property. This type of collar uses advanced technology, such as radio signals, to provide an invisible barrier for dogs. Whenever your dog approaches or crosses the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound followed by a static correction to deter your pet from crossing the boundary. Wireless dog fences are an excellent alternative to traditional fences and offer pet parents an affordable and versatile means of ensuring their dog’s safety and security.

Benefits of a Wireless Dog Fence Collar

As a pet parent, one of the greatest concerns you may have is the safety and security of your furry friend. One solution to ease your worries is investing in a Wireless Dog Fence Collar. This device effectively keeps your dog within a defined area without the need for manual labor or physical fencing.

The most significant benefit of using a wireless dog fence collar is that it ensures the safety of your pets. The efficacy of the fence can be greatly increased with training materials that help dogs feel comfortable with the fence system, collar feedback, and boundary. The mild discouragements ensure that your dogs remain safe without harm.

There are different types of wireless fences available in the market, including traditional fencing, virtual fence, ground fences, electric dog fences, and invisible dog fences. Each type of fence has its unique features and advantages suited to different types of breeds, environments, and budgets.

Traditional fencing requires significant effort and financial resources to erect and maintain. In contrast, virtual fences use radio signals to create precise boundaries and keep your dogs safe and secure. Ground fences use boundary wire to create a circular boundary and keep your dogs within that area.

Electric and invisible dog fences use a collar receiver to administer mild corrections, reminding your dog that it is not allowed to cross the set boundary. The invisible fence works by installing a wire under your lawn while the electric dog fence system sweeps radio signals around your yard.

The True Location™ Technology featured in some wireless fences enhances the accuracy of the wireless fence. This technology uses the satellite navigation system to create a more precise boundary, ensuring that your pets remain within the designated area.

Types of Wireless Dog Fences

Wireless dog fences are an innovative way of keeping your pets safe and secure while giving them the freedom to roam around your yard. There are numerous types of wireless dog fences available in the market, each with distinct advantages and features aimed at fulfilling particular needs and budgets. In this article, we will discuss various types of wireless dog fences that pet parents can choose from.

Traditional Fencing

Traditional fencing is a method of creating a boundary for your dog by installing a physical fence around your property. While this is an effective solution to keep your dog within your property, it comes with some limitations. Firstly, installing a physical fence can be quite expensive and time-consuming, particularly for larger properties. Secondly, some homeowners find physical fencing to be unsightly and not fitting with their property’s aesthetic.

Apart from that, traditional fences may not cover your entire yard, leaving some areas open for your dog to roam. Furthermore, physical fencing cannot be moved around, making it challenging for pet parents who would like to travel with their furry friends. All this highlights the limitations of traditional fencing.

Luckily, with advancements in technology, there is now an alternative option available – a wireless dog fence collar. Unlike traditional fencing, a wireless dog fence collar uses virtual technology to create a boundary without the need for physical fencing. This option is affordable, flexible, and can cover your entire yard, eliminating the need for traditional fences.

Using radio signals to create a precise boundary, a wireless dog fence collar is a cost-effective alternative that allows pet parents to keep their dogs safe within the boundary. It is a perfect solution for homeowners who may not want to install physical fences or move around with their pets.

Virtual Fence

For pet parents, keeping their dogs safe and secure is a top priority. Oftentimes, traditional fencing may not be the most practical or cost-effective solution. This is where the concept of virtual fencing comes in, offering an affordable and flexible alternative to physical fencing.

A virtual fence, also known as an invisible fence, uses GPS technology to create a boundary without the need for physical barriers. This option is becoming increasingly popular among pet parents as it eliminates the need for costly and labor-intensive traditional fencing.

One type of virtual fence available in the market is the SpotOn GPS fence. This fence is designed to provide pet parents with a variety of features to ensure their dogs are safe within a precise boundary. The SpotOn fence is customizable to fit any yard size, and its GPS technology allows for the creation of multiple safe zones. This makes it an ideal solution for pet parents who want to ensure their dogs are secure at home or while traveling.

The SpotOn GPS fence utilizes advanced GPS technology to create a precise boundary for dogs. Using satellite navigation systems, it creates a circular boundary around the designated safe zone. It also allows pet parents to track their dogs’ locations in real time and be notified if their dogs stray beyond the boundary. This feature provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

The SpotOn fence is user-friendly and can be managed using a mobile app, making it convenient for pet parents to check their dogs’ locations and make any necessary adjustments to the boundary. The app also enables pet parents to create multiple safe zones, which is useful for homeowners who have larger properties or those who travel with their pets frequently. With the SpotOn fence, pet parents can easily manage the safety and security of their furry friends from the palm of their hand.

Ground Fences

When it comes to keeping pets safe in their backyard, ground fences are a popular choice for pet parents. Ground fences work by creating a signal that alerts the dog when they are getting too close to the boundary perimeter. This type of fence involves placing a wire boundary around the perimeter of the yard which then sends a signal to the collar the dog is wearing. This signal alerts the dog and prevents them from wandering outside the designated area.

There are different types of ground fences available for pet parents to choose from. In-ground fences are one type of ground fence that pet parents can use to secure their dogs. In-ground fences work by creating a complete enclosure around a predetermined area. This type of fence can be useful for pet parents who want to completely enclose the area for their dog to play safely.

Another type of ground fence is a physical fence. Physical fences are designed to completely enclose an area and can be made of various materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl. These types of fences can be useful for pet parents who want to create a more closed-in and traditional look to their backyard.

Virtual fences are also a popular type of ground fence for pet parents. These types of fences create a boundary line around the outside of the area, allowing the dog to roam freely within the designated space. Virtual fences are an excellent choice for pet parents who want a flexible and customizable option.

PetSmart offers several types of ground fences for pet parents to choose from, including virtual fences, in-ground fences, and physical fences. With a variety of options available, pet parents can find the perfect ground fence to fit their specific needs. No matter which type of ground fence they choose, it is an effective and affordable solution to help keep their furry friend safe and secure in their backyard.

Electric Dog Fences

Electric dog fences, also known as invisible dog fences, work by transmitting a radio signal that creates a boundary around your property. When your dog gets too close to the boundary, the collar receiver emits a warning tone. If the dog continues to approach the boundary, the collar delivers either a static correction or vibration to deter them from leaving the designated area.

In terms of correction methods, there are several options available. Some electric dog fences use a tone-only correction, which emits a warning sound when the dog approaches the boundary. For stubborn dogs, electric dog fences also offer varying levels of static correction, which can be adjusted based on your pet’s temperament.

One advantage of in-ground electric dog fences is that they can be customized to fit the specific layout of your property and can provide a more precise boundary. However, they do require manual labor in the installation process, which can also be time-consuming. Wireless electric dog fences, on the other hand, are quick and easy to set up, but may not offer as precise of a boundary and can suffer from interference from other electronic devices.

When choosing the best electric dog fence for your property and pet, it’s important to consider the size and temperament of your dog, as well as your specific containment needs. Some factors to consider include the size and shape of your property, potential obstructions such as trees or structures, and any local regulations or restrictions on fence height or installation.

Invisible Dog Fences

Invisible dog fences, also known as wireless dog fences, are a popular and effective alternative to traditional physical fences. They work by creating a virtual boundary around your property using a transmitter and a receiver collar worn by your dog.

The functionality of an invisible dog fence is simple yet effective. The transmitter emits a radio signal that creates a virtual boundary around your property, and the receiver collar worn by your dog receives the signal. When your dog approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound, and if the dog continues to approach the boundary, it receives a static correction, also known as a shock.

There are different types of invisible dog fences available in the market, including wired and wireless configurations. Wired fences require the installation of a boundary wire, which can be buried underground or attached to an existing fence. Wireless fences, on the other hand, are simpler to set up and do not require any wiring. They work by creating a circular boundary around the transmitter.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and flexibility, invisible dog fences are also cost-effective compared to traditional physical fences, which can be expensive to install and maintain. They are also practical for pet owners who live in areas with strict regulations or who do not have the space for a physical fence.

Some invisible dog fences also come with advanced features such as a sound-only mode, which emits a warning sound when your dog approaches the boundary without issuing a static correction. This is a useful feature for training your dog and gradually introducing them to the boundaries of the virtual fence.

Overall, invisible dog fences offer a practical, cost-effective, and visually appealing solution for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and contained without the need for traditional physical fences. With advancements in technology, these fences continue to improve and offer pet owners more control and features for customizing the fencing experience.

True Location™ Technology

One of the latest and most innovative advancements in wireless dog fence technology is True Location™. This patented GPS maps your pet’s boundary and provides you with the freedom of a wireless dog fence but with the added assurance of GPS tracking.

True Location™ Technology employs satellite navigation systems, allowing you to set multiple safe zones of different shapes and sizes, making it a perfect fit for any property. This means that you can customize the containment area that best fits your dog’s needs, which gives you complete peace of mind.

Another significant benefit of True Location™ Technology is the ability to track your pet’s location in real-time outside the boundary. If your dog leaves the designated safe zone, you will receive a notification in real-time on your smartphone, allowing you to quickly track your dog’s movements. This is an excellent feature for pet owners who have high-energy dogs who may like to wander or those with pets that are escape artists. With True Location™ Technology, you can rely on GPS tracking to ensure that your pet is always safe and sound.

Considerations When Choosing a Wireless Dog Fence Collar

Choosing a wireless dog fence collar for your furry friend can be overwhelming due to the various options available in the market. Before deciding on what collar to purchase, pet parents need to consider different factors, such as their dog’s size, temperament, and behavior. In this article, we’ll discuss the essential considerations to keep in mind when selecting a wireless dog fence collar to ensure the safety of your pet.

Battery Life and Rechargeable Batteries

Wireless dog fence collars are an excellent way to keep your furry friend safe and within the boundaries of your property without having to rely on manual labor to install physical fences. One of the most critical aspects to consider when purchasing a wireless dog fence collar is the battery life and type of battery used.

Some wireless dog fence collars use specialized collar batteries that need to be replaced periodically, while others use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The decision between the two depends on personal preference, but rechargeable batteries are generally more convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

When it comes to battery life, the expected life of the battery varies by type. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, when fully charged, can last up to two weeks or more. In contrast, specialized collar batteries can last anywhere from two to six months, depending on usage.

One essential feature to consider is the presence of a low battery indicator. This feature is crucial as it alerts pet owners that the collar’s battery is running low and needs to be charged or replaced. The low battery indicator is usually visible on the collar itself or through an app on a smartphone or tablet.

Neck Sizes For Different Breeds of Dogs

When it comes to choosing a wireless dog fence collar for your furry friend, it’s crucial to consider their neck size. Different breeds have varying neck sizes, and it’s important to ensure the collar fits well to prevent discomfort and potential harm to your dog.

Most wireless dog fence collars come in different sizes to accommodate different neck sizes. The sizes available in the market usually range from extra small to extra large, with the option of adjustable collars for dogs that are still growing or gaining/losing weight.

To choose the right collar size for your dog, measure their neck circumference using a soft measuring tape or a piece of string, and then measure the string’s length against a ruler or a measuring tape. It’s important to measure the neck snugly but not too tight, allowing two fingers to fit comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Some of the popular dog breeds and their typical neck sizes include:

– Chihuahua: 6-12 inches

– Shih Tzu: 10-14 inches

– Labrador Retriever: 18-24 inches

– Golden Retriever: 16-24 inches

– German Shepherd: 18-24 inches

– Great Dane: 22-28 inches

It’s important to note that these are just general guidelines, and each dog’s neck size may vary even within the same breed. Therefore, it’s crucial to measure your dog’s neck before purchasing a wireless fence collar.

Waterproof Collars to Keep Dogs Safe and Dry

Waterproof collars are an essential accessory for pet parents who want to keep their dogs safe and dry, especially during the rainy season or while swimming. These collars are designed to withstand water and moisture, ensuring that they remain in good condition and do not cause any harm to the dogs.

Using waterproof collars has several benefits, including keeping the dog’s fur dry, preventing mold and bacteria growth, and reducing the risk of skin irritation. Additionally, dogs that love to swim can benefit greatly from waterproof collars that can remain intact even after prolonged exposure to water.

Some of the best waterproof collars available on the market today include the RUFFWEAR Headwater Collar, Kurgo Muck Collar, and the BSEEN LED Dog Collar. These collars are made from different materials such as silicone, nylon, and biomethane, which are well-suited to specific needs such as swimming or harsh weather.

Silicone collars are highly waterproof, making them ideal for dogs that love water activities. Nylon collars, on the other hand, are durable and can withstand rough weather conditions. Biothane collars, alternatively, are resistant to rust and corrosion, making them an excellent choice for dogs that enjoy playing outdoors.

In addition to their protective features, waterproof collars come in different designs, catering to different breeds and neck sizes. Collars with adjustable straps are convenient for pets that are still growing or gaining weight.

Pet parents who have multiple pets in the household can also benefit from having additional collars. Some of the best options for multiple pets include the PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar and the SportDOG Add-A-Dog Collar, both of which are compatible with wireless fence systems.

Additional Collars for Multiple Pets in the Household

Pet owners with multiple pets in the household know how challenging it can be to keep them all safe and contained. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in additional collars that are compatible with your existing fencing system. These collars are designed to work seamlessly with your wireless or in-ground fence, allowing you to keep more than one dog safe and secure within your property.

When shopping for additional collars for multiple pets, it’s important to consider key factors such as compatibility, neck sizes, and the number of levels of correction offered. Not all collars are created equal, so it’s essential to choose one that is specifically designed to work with your particular fencing system.

Some of the best options for multiple pets include the PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar and the SportDOG Add-A-Dog Collar. Both of these collars are compatible with wireless fence systems, making them a convenient choice for pet parents who don’t want to hassle with installing physical fences.

In addition to being compatible with different fencing systems, these collars also offer a range of features that make them convenient for pet owners. For example, some collars come with adjustable straps that allow you to customize the fit according to your dog’s neck size. Others offer different levels of correction, ensuring that you can find the perfect setting for each of your dogs.

By investing in additional collars for multiple pets, pet owners can rest assured that their dogs are safe and contained within their property. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but it can also save pet parents money, as they won’t have to purchase multiple fencing systems to keep their dogs safe.


In conclusion, wireless dog fence collars offer a variety of benefits, including convenience, cost-savings, and customizable features. Pet parents can choose from a range of options, such as collars with adjustable straps, different levels of correction, and rechargeable batteries.

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